Kevin and 'Big Daddy' Kat

Kevin Church
"Big Daddy Kat"

The kitchen as always been my favorite room in the house. My mom always took the time to teach me as she cooked and always gave me tastes of her cooking from her wooden spoon. I have only ever worked in kitchens. With a passion for cooking, I began my career at 15 years old as a dishwasher at the local Italian restaurant down the street from my home. While working, I saw how much the chefs enjoyed their work and their lives, and I quickly learned that the restaurant business, and cooking specifically, was what I wanted to do. I let family know I was going to become a chef, and later enrolled at Johnson & Wales in Providence. I have worked at great local restaurants a long journey of my life and love to learn. Each person I have worked with has taught me something that I have taken along the way. 

After earning my bachelor's degree from VCU, I gained the opportunity to pursue and expand my culinary career at Postbellum. With a few years of dedication, I worked up to sous chef. In my spare time I began barbecuing competitively with my family. After several years and category wins in both amateur and professional competitions, the folks at Postbellum took notice of my skill set and began to work on the concept for Oak & Apple. When I am not in front of a smoker or in a kitchen casing fresh sausages, you can find me in a competitive minotaur wrestling ring or giving extreme high fives to random passersby. My mom calls me Katelyn, but when I'm in front of the Ole Hickory smoker, I'll only answer to "Big Daddy Kat".

Oak & Apple  • 1814 E. Main Street • Richmond, Virginia • 804-477-3055

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